Arabian Belly Dance MusicArabian Fantasy is mesmerizing arabic belly dance music video. This is a CD that every one will like.

Oftentimes, it so happens that you come across a music CD that has  a few good songs mixed in with others that aren't so great. Not in this case.

Here you'll like all the songs on this CD. If you are looking for instrumental music and not lyrics then this CD with belly dance music fits the bill. This CD has music from some of the greatest musicians of the Arab world.

Arabian Fantasy will offer you the seductive sound of Arabia and beyond.   Travel to a land of Arabian enchantment, delighted by the alluring and sultry sounds of the Middle East.

Includes Ah Ya Zein by Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra, as featured in the 2014 Hollywood blockbuster Hercules starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Sensual Arabic Belly Dance Music

From sensual melodies that mesmerize, to percussive rhythms that exhilarate, Arabian Fantasy is the perfect soundtrack for Arabian Nights. Relax, sip on Moroccan tea, grab your hookah, and watch the swaying hips of the belly dancer move to the music of some of the greatest musicians of the Arab world.

Best Belly Dance music ever!

It has some great belly dance music mix. Details with the arabic belly dance songs list can also be seen on the back cover of the CD below

arabic belly dance music

Take a look at the Arabian Fantasy by clicking here

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