Amira's Bellydance 101 to learn Belly Dance at homeLearn Belly dance, a well known middle Eastern dance form, at home as it can help you change the way you see yourself, whatever be your age, size or shape. If you are the kind who is looking for belly dance classes near me, then Amira Belly Dance 101 DVD is right for you. This DVD is perfect to teach belly dancing to beginners and even more seasoned belly dancers who are looking for a refresher course to learn belly dance at home. It has a wonderful set of belly dance videos for beginners and advanced dancers alike. It teaches you good technique. You'll learn the basic bellydance moves and then integrate them into combinations, safely and joyfully discovering your own dance. With this motivating & exceptionally high quality instructional video, you will:

* Learn to love and move your body with grace & confidence.

* Nurture yourself with safe & gentle warm-ups & stretches Practice 60 minutes of step-by-step instruction with Amira Dance to energizing, tightly synchronized rhythms from well known global recording artists

* Learn over 30 isolated body movements, each visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on-screen visual aids.

* Clearly see all movements from multiple viewing angles, including full-body & up-close views and then perform fluid combinations of the moves you've learned

Amira's Bellydance 101 to learn belly dance

If you are new to learning belly dance, or even if you are a slow learner, Amira's Bellydance 101 is the best instructional DVD out there to help you learn belly dancing at home.  Amira has a very soothing voice and is VERY thorough. There's a warm up (and a cool down). She flows from the warm up, right into the instruction, and before you know it, she has you doing isolation, and various movements. She starts with proper posture, which is extremely important before doing any belly dance. She reminds you where you should be feeling muscle involvement, and where you shouldn't, which is so helpful to avoid injury. She starts from the head/neck, to arms, to chest, to diaphragm, to hips, and does each section slowly enough for you to get it before moving on. Towards the end, she has you putting it all together for a slow dance routine, which she repeats enough for you to actually feel like you've learned something.

If you have just recently started to learn how to belly dance, you'll find Amira's Bellydance 101  very informative on the basics of posture and the most common moves that are utilized in the art of belly dance. I would definitely recommend this video for beginners to help them learn belly dance at home. It isn't too long nor is it too short. She gives enough instruction to give you a pretty clear idea of what you should be doing, and often reminds you to check your posture so you don't hurt your lower back.

Many users find this video perfect for learning and perfecting the core belly dancing moves. The pace is comfortable and the instructions are easy to follow. Amira herself is an absolute joy – people love her accent, her warm demeanor, her positive attitude, and her encouragement. She is passionate about the dance, and she is supportive of all women learning, regardless of body shape or size. The intro segment is welcoming and dancers of all experience levels would appreciate the reminder of why we love this dance.

learn belly dance

This is the DVD to get for your first belly dance instruction workout. The production values are high. The setting is lovely and restful, with beautifully sensuous pillows and gauzy drapes hanging in the background. The music is exotic and hypnotic, and Amira's voice and pleasant accent make you feel you're on a nice vacation, far from your own stressful world. The exercises are explained carefully and done slowly, so that you can pick them up. They are filmed in such a way that you can see the movement (no cutting away to a face while you are trying to figure out what the hips are doing.) There is a warm-up at the beginning and a gentle stretch at the end. If you skip the combination, which you might want to do at first, while you're learning the movements, you can do the whole DVD in an hour. The sections are short enough so as not to tire you out or frustrate your beginner's attention span.

Featuring the beautiful music of widely acclaimed global recording artists Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy, this DVD has earned accolades for Amira's clear and supportive teaching style, her attention to solid technique, as well as for its exceptional production quality. The DVD also features a bonus Live Performance by Amira.

Amira blends her love of Middle Eastern & Flamenco dance with the grace of Yoga and the daring of Fire-Eating to bring a distinct style and positive attitude to her performances and workshops around the US and her native Estonia. She has an extensive background in medicine and music and continues to study in the US and the Middle East. Amira resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and travels extensively to perform and teach. This is the set of videos if you indeed to want to learn belly dance at home.

Give Amira's Bellydance 101 a try

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