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Belly dance is beginning to become a global movement – with women all all ages, diverse ethnic backgrounds all over the world are learning belly dance to lose weight, feel sexy, and build confidence. With the “Learn to Belly dance” package, you’ll be belly dancing in just hours with easy-to-follow instruction from professional, world-class teachers.

In this program, You’ll learn basic to intermediate level belly dance moves, simple belly dance combinations and choreographs. As an added bonus, you’ll also get belly dance-based workouts, performances, finger cymbal, and veil instructions.

With Learn to Belly Dance online program which will help you learn, practice and enjoy belly dancing in the privacy of your home, you’ll get instant access to online belly dance classes – you can watch them anytime, anywhere – at your own pace and schedule. High quality streaming video allows you to view on any device including your computer, tablet, smartphone, or web-enabled television.

For an affordable recurring monthly payment of $7.99, you have unlimited access to our complete Beginner Level collection with new classes automatically added at no extra charge.

To give you the comfort of a genuine program, you can cancel any time – just let us know. Subscribe today to start your exciting journey in belly dance.

This Learn to Belly Dance package for the beginner level includes:

• 1-2-3 Bellydance: Basics with Bahaia
• 1-2-3 Drum Solo with Bahaia
• Belly Dance Basics with Michelle Joyce
• Belly Dance Crash Course with Michelle Joyce
• Bellydance Basics with Princess Farhana,
• Bellydance con Sabor con Virginia (en español)
• Bellydance for Healing from Illness with Nadirah
• Bellydance with Mayte: Hot Moves & Routines
• Complete Combos & Choreography with Virginia
• Essential Technique with Virginia
• Layla's 12 Hottest Bellydance Moves + 4 Workouts
• Learn to Play Finger Cymbals with Virginia
• Musicality Matters with Andalee
• Perfect Hips: Workout with Michelle Joyce
• Sadie's Complete Bellydance Guide
• Sensual Passion: Secrets of Tamalyn Dallal
• Sohaila's Basics to Bellydancing

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learn belly dance

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